Prof. M.G.H. Zaidi
Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar


Department of Chemistry, College of Basic Sciences & Humanities, Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar, India



Short Biography
Dr.M.G.H.Zaidi hails from Lucknow, U.P., India. He is the physical chemist, educator, inventor and academic administrator. He has conferred his B.Sc. (1985), M.Sc. (1987) and Ph.D. (1992) in Chemistry from Lucknow University, U.P., India. His title of doctorate thesis was Synthesis of Some Newer High Temperature Resistant Polymers. He has been involved in academics since 1987 at various Indian Universities in different capacities. He has been serving Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Uttarakhand, India since 1998, with great distinctions & dedications. Dr.Zaidi has availed funding from Defense Research Development Organization (DRDO), Air Force Research Development Board, Department of Biotechnology, Department of Science & Technology, Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, Uttarakhand Council of Science & Technology, University Grants Commission and private organizations for execution and dissemination of R & D in polymer science & technology. His areas of interest involve synthesis and processing of polymer materials in traditional media and supercritical fluids for structural, biomedical, electrical, electroanalytical applications and in electrochemical energy storage . His area of interest is onward extended to disposal of polymeric, industrial and agricultural waste through microbial degradation, their utilization into value added products, and their impact on ecosystem. His academic contributions are cited in reputed scientific journals across the world. He is reviewer & member of editorial board of various international journals and has associations with professional scientific societies. He has been actively involved as member of organizing committee, session chair, technical program committees, plenary, keynote speaker at national and Int’l conferences, symposia and training programs. His contributions to R & D are collaborative with reputed national Universities & laboratories. He holds six patents, advised around thirty students for post graduate research, authored more than hundred research publications, reviews, monographs and book chapters in refereed international journals and scientific magazines.

Areas of expertise
Supercritical Fluids: Polymerization and polymer modification in supercritical media.
Experimental Nanoscience: Synthesis of nanomaterials for applications in structural & design engineering, antimicrobial coatings, sustained delivery, bio sensing, electrical, & electrochemical energy storage. Impact of nanomaterials on ecosystem.
Waste Management: Bacterial, fungal and enzymatic degradation of polymer materials. Wood preservation & modification. Development of technologically viable polymer materials through utilization of agricultural, animal & industrial waste.
Computational Polymer Chemistry: Non-isothermal Kinetics & thermodynamics of solid state decompositions.

Selected Publications

  • K Singhal, S Mehtab, B.B Upreti , M.G.H.Zaidi (2021).Recent Advances in Biochar Modification for Energy Storage in Supercapacitors: A Review, Advanced Materials Letters 12 (2:21021599)
  • S Mehtab, MGH Zaidi, R Kunwar, K Singhal,T.I.Siddiqui (2021). Temperature-Regulated Morphology and Electrical Conductivity of Nano Tungsten Carbide Rreinforced Polyindole Composites, International Journal of Polymer Analysis and Characterization, 1-13
  • SK Joshi, A Kumar, MGH Zaidi (2020),Effect of Nanographite on Electrical, Mechanical and Wear Characteristics of Graphite Epoxy Composites, Defence Science Journal 70(3):306-312.
  • P Debbarma, MGH Zaidi, S Kumar, S Raghuwanshi, A Yadav, Y Shouche(2018).Selection of Potential Bacterial Strains to Develop Bacterial Consortia for The Remediation of e-Waste and its Insitu Implications,Waste Management 79:526-536
  • G Bisht, MGH Zaidi, KC Biplab(2018). In vivo Acute Cytotoxicity Study of Poly (2-Amino Ethyl Methacrylate-co-Methylene Bis-Acrylamide) Magnetic Composite Synthesized in Supercritical CO2 Macromolecular Research 26 (7): 581-591
  • H Mudila, S Rana, MGH Zaidi(2016).Electrochemical Performance of Zirconia/Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites Cathode Designed for High Power Density Supercapacitor ,Journal of Analytical Science and Technology 7 (1):1-11
  • H Negi, T Agarwal, MGH Zaidi, A Kapri, R Goel (2011)Antimicrobial Organophilic Montmorillonite Nanoparticles: Screening and Detection Assay, Biotechnology Journal 6 (1): 107-112
  • MGH Zaidi, PL Sah, S Alam, AK Rai (2009).Synthesis of Epoxy Ferrite Nanocomposites in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide, Journal of Experimental Nanoscience,3(1):55-66
  • MGH Zaidi, N Bhullar, VP Singh, PL Sah, S Alam, R Singh(2006) Mechanical and thermal properties of epoxypolymethyl methacrylate blends synthesized in supercritical carbon dioxide Journal of Applied Polymer Science 103 (2), 1303-1310
  • TK Joshi, MGH Zaidi, PL Sah, S Alam (2004) Mechanical and thermal properties of poplar wood polyacrylonitrile composites, Polymer international 54 (1), 198-201.



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